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Seamless Regenerative Agriculture & Clean Energy Using Big Data, AI & Biotechnology

Fertilizer Bio-Slurry

Get quality bioslurry or liquid fertilizer from livestock or post-harvest loss waste. Bio-slurries are rich in nutrients which are needed for plant growth.


Pelletized Bio-Slurry Feed

Adding extra hardware, you can turn liquid bioslurry generated from mangoes, bananas and others farm waste into fish meal & supplements

Livestock Food Bio-Slurry

Turn farm or food waste into quality animal feedstock and with the aid of a granulator, turn the feed slurry into quality and 100% safe granulates

Uniquely Engineered for Small-Holder Farmers

Home Garden

With our smaller Bio-tank units, you can turn your household waste, into liquid fertilizer and use in your garden 

Small Farm Holders

Order a medium Bio-tank unit and turn your farm and livestock waste into organic fertilizer or animal feed


Get the higher capacity Bio-tank & turn organic waste into quality organic fertilizer, livestock and fish feed


more food & safer soil from waste...

Order our super-easy to use Bio-tank system and turn any type of animal or food organic waste into ready to use, 100% safe and quality fertilizer or pelletized animal feed within only 1 week! You can order extra hardware to turn the liquid bisolurry to powder or pellets as well!

360° ai-Bot

  • Get 99% Predictive Idea of Biogas Output
  • Help You Set-Up Biogas to Electricity System 
  •  Learn How to Set-Up & Avoid Hydrogen Loss
  • Get Recommendation for the best Feedstock
  • Learn Excellent Bio-Slurry & Biogas Application
  • Use Your Native Languages To Chat


  • Bio-tank can be assembled within 20 minutes and operational within 24 hours
  • Faster AD: Anaerobic Digestion — 5 to 14 days max
  •  0% Valorization (No Hydrogen Losses for Fertilizer)
  • Requires No Energy: only organic waste feedstock
  • Award Winning Technology
  • German Government & CIF Certified
  • AI-Powered Assistive Support in Local Languages

ai & Data to optimize your Bio-Tank™ unit

D-Olivette’s 360° chatbot is AI-powered and helps farmers with best decisioning using 100,000+ data points on how to fully optimize the  Bio-Tank™ using data points from over 100,000 research for application uses for soil fertilizer, electricity generation from biogas & more

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